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I am in my thirties. I work as a Primary School IT Technician within Somerset and Wiltshire. I have been Whitbourne Baptist Chapel’s Treasurer for the past 3 years, I do the church website, attempt to look after the sound system when our organist is away, and do a bit of decorating on the church.

I grew up in a Christian family, and have attended Whitbourne literally all my life, from a few days old until the present. Because I was familiar with the Bible stories, praying and God have always been part of my life. But that didn’t make me a Christian. That happened when I was 13. On a Sunday evening I went to a young service at Welton Baptist Church in Midsomer Norton. I was there one evening, and a man called Alan Gutteridge was chatting to me, as I moved away I got to the other side of the room when he pointed straight at me and said “I’m going to heaven, will you be there?”.

At that point I knew that I wouldn’t be. But I also knew from what I had been taught in my young that I needed to ask Jesus into my life, and that I needed to develop a person relationship with God.