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James was the brother of John, and they were the sons of Zebedee. We can assume that he was the eldest as his name is always mentioned first.  

He was a Galilean fisherman (Mark 1 v 19-20)

He was called to be a disciple at the same time as his brother John.

Both brothers were in a fishing partnership with Peter and Andrew. (Luke 5 v 10) All four are often mentioned as the disciples who are with Jesus.

They were given the nickname “sons of Thunder” by Jesus (Mark 3 v 17) when they suggest praying for the destruction of a village.

They were a little presumptuous as they asked for a place of honour in Heaven.

James’s name is never mentioned in the Gospel of John (written by his brother)

His mother was present at Jesus’ death (Matt 27 v 56), from Mark 14 v 40 we can assume her name was Salome, and from John 19 v 25 we can assume that she was the sister of Mary, mother of Jesus.  Thus it is likely that James and John were Jesus’ cousins.

He was the first of the Apostles to be martyred, round 44 AD, by King Agrippa I (Acts 12 v 1-2)

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