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John was the brother of James, and the son of Zebedee. Not to be confused with John the Baptist

John was called to be a disciple along with his brother.

He is known as “the apostle that Jesus loved” This doesn’t mean that Jesus didn’t love anyone else, but as it is a name that John using for himself, it could be an indication that it was as unworthy and lowly as John was Jesus’ love for him was what made him the believer and great man of faith that he became.

He is the author of the fourth Gospel, the three letters and Revelation

We don’t know lots about him, but he is usually mentioned along with his brother James, Peter and Andrew.

His mother was present at Jesus’ death (Matt 27 v 56), from Mark 14 v 40 we can assume her name was Salome, and from John 19 v 25 we can assume that she was the sister of Mary, mother of Jesus.  Thus it is likely that James and John were Jesus’ cousins.  

While Jesus was on the cross, he asked John to look after his (Jesus’) mother.

John was one of the three companions with Jesus, when he raised a girl from the dead, he went to the Mount of Olives. While Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane. Peter and John were also asked to arrange the Passover feast that would be the last supper.

Jesus giving the brothers the name “sons of thunder” could have been referring to their tempers, not only wanting to pray for a village to be destroyed, but also John became angry when a man, who was not one of the group was casting out demons. (Mark 9 v 38)

John was the disciple to first reach the empty tomb, but it is Peter who is the braver, as John stands outside and waits, but Peter goes straight in. Peter (the leader of men) goes first and John follows.

In the books of Acts John is not mentioned a lot, and when he is, it is usually with Peter. They are both arrested for preaching, and put in prison. (Acts 4 v 1-3)

In Galatians 2 v 9 Paul calls Peter, James and John “the Pillars of the church”

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