“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”
John 1:5 NIV

Jesus the Light of the World - Andrew Coxhead

A light in a dark place not only enables us to see what’s around us, but it also brings clarity, making sense of what was hidden or bringing into focus what was unclear. Lines and shapes are sharpened, and the scene becomes easier to see. Light also helps still our fears – where once we gazed into a gloomy space, unsure of what was before us, the light helps us see what we are facing, and often helps us feel less afraid. So, it is with the light of Jesus – light that banishes the darkness of evil with his presence, light that helps us understand situations and find meaning, light that brings comfort within the chaos of fear and uncertainty.

As we continue to grapple with the reality – both recent past, present, and future – of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Jesus helps us make sense of what is going on and our place in it. As we fix our eyes on Jesus, we understand how to cope better with our situation, we can find peace, and we can find purpose. From the nudging of the Holy Spirit to contact a friend, to the churches serving the most vulnerable in their communities, to the groups of Christians praying for breakthrough, Jesus shows us how we can help others during this crisis.

We are to be The Light of the World

In the sermon on the mount, Matthew 5 vs14-16, Jesus gives us a second example, after salt, of what we should be. You know what? Jesus may have paid Christians the highest compliment we could ever be paid when He told us that we would be what He Himself was: “the Light of the world.” Not in the sense that we are to generate our own light, but in the sense that we are to reflect the Light that He is. Be a reflection of Christ!

Since light is first and foremost something to be seen, Christianity is to be seen. Just as the always lit lamp inside a Jewish house was taken out from under the clay pot where it was kept while the people were away or asleep, and it had to be put on a lampstand to be seen and thereby effectively light up the place when it was needed, Christians are to shine as lights in a world of darkness.

We are to let our light shine all the time. We may try to hide it, we may try to shield it, we may disguise it, we may make it private, or we may in other ways make it less apparent, but when we do, our light flickers, our witness falters, it becomes less and less effective until it is extinguished and rendered extinct.

Bottom of Form

To be distinct, to make a difference, Christians are to be guided by the light of God’s Word . .  heed the light when it warns us of danger ahead . . . let our light of love for God and love for one another shine, wherever we are and whoever we are with - not to draw attention to ourselves but, regardless of when and where opportunity presents itself, to do the right thing for the right reason for the glory of God!


"Salt And Light"
by Joel Engle

You make me want to be like You
Your holiness I will pursue
I want the heart of Jesus
Show me the meaning of Your grace
I want to give the world a taste
Of the love of Jesus

Make me salt
Make me light
Let Your holy fire ignite
Reveal Your glory in my life
‘Cause I am not ashamed
To lift, up Your holy name
Make me salt
Make me light

(Repeat 1st verse)


Sitting as a city on a hill
A lamp on a stand
Mould me in Your image
The work, of Your hand



Let our prayer be:

Lord, I want to be a light that reflects the character of Christ so that people will be drawn to that True Light and come to know Him whom to know is not only peace, joy and happiness in this life but more importantly in the life to come, and throughout eternity. Amen